Scholarships and Grants


The list of scholarships and other awards offered by colleges and universities in Ireland is extensive with more than 300 available with a wide variety of criteria for eligibility. They range from entrance scholarships for exceptional academic results, to supports for sports excellence, or particular subject areas such as music, the arts and many more. It is well worth taking the time to investigate the options.

Scholarships and Awards can broadly be divided into two groups:

Academic and/or Other Achievement

  • Entrance Scholarship/Award – a financial award is given to a student who achieves a certain minimum number of Leaving Certificate points (e.g. NUIM awards an entrance scholarship of €1,000 to each incoming 1st Year Student to get 550 points or more; UCD award the ‘Entrance Exhibition Award’ to 1st Years with 560 points or more in recognition of their academic accomplishment to date. TCD has a similar award.)
  • Sports Scholarships – The college/institution provides financial and/or other specific supports, once you have accepted your place with them. It is based on sporting performance and ability
  • Performing Arts Scholarships – supports students to access a place on a specific arts/music/drama programme

Points Concession /Reduced Points requirements

  • The college adds additional points to your initial CAO points score, based on how you did in the Leaving Cert, to enable you to access a college course (e.g NUIG offers a limited number of scholarships to athletes who apply for courses that need more than 350 points – 40 points are added for successful applicants, who may also be able to access the additional benefits of the NUIG Sports Scholarships available)
  • The college provides points/incentives to encourage students who may not otherwise attend university.



Below is an outline of just some of the many Scholarships and Awards available to new entrants to colleges and universities – it is not an exhaustive list and the information may change. Follow the links for further information – applicants should always consult the individual college web pages for the latest information, application and closing dates.

The Naughton Scholarships aim to promote the study of STEM – engineering, science and technology at third level by students in Ireland. Each year from February to May Leaving Certificate students can apply for a scholarship if they intend to study a STEM subject at third level that year. The scheme is particularly interested in application from students applying for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related subjects rather then the more practical sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary, Physiotherapy etc).

All applications are reviewed in August each year and the winners of scholarships are notified in September. Full details on who is eligible to apply for a scholarship, the terms and conditions applicable to the scholarships and answers to frequent questions are available here. Closing Date for receipt of applications is circa 23rd May.


College & University Scholarship Schemes

Links to the appropriate area of the individual college website are provided below to assist with further research:

Dublin City University

Academic Scholarship Programme – Incoming students may be awarded a €500 scholarship by gaining a CAO points requirement through the Leaving Certificate or equivalent exams. The point’s requirement for students who wish to study a course in the following faculties at DCU is as follows:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Computing – Students gaining 550+ CAO points will be awarded €500
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Students gaining 550+ CAO points will be awarded €500
  • Faculty of Science and Health – Students gaining 550+ CAO points will be awarded €500
  • Dublin City University Business School – Students gaining 550+ CAO points will be awarded €500
  • DCU Institute of Education – Students getting over 550+ points will be awarded €500

There is no application process for this new academic scholarship. If students gain the stated number of points, meet the entry requirements and register in DCU, they will automatically receive the scholarship. In addition to the cash award, the students, along with their parents or guardians and former school principals, will be invited to DCU for an awards ceremony. Students will receive their scholarship and the former school principal will receive a plaque for the school to mark this significant achievement.

McAleese Scholarship – Through this scholarship scheme, named in honour of former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese up to forty scholarships will be made available to NI students. These scholarships will include an award of €1000, allowing successful applicants to gain one of forty additional places across more than 60 DCU undergraduate degrees programmes.

VIP Fresher – The VIP Fresher competition is a unique opportunity to receive a VIP package in your first year in college with many freebies made available to benefit from. The prize is awarded to the student who records the most unique video (2min) who meets the criteria (has a DCU course on the CAO, met the entry requirements and awarded a place on the course).

University of Sanctuary – Dublin City University was designated a “University of Sanctuary” in December 2016 in recognition of our commitment to welcome asylum seekers and refugees into the university community and to foster a culture of inclusion for all. DCU provides fifteen academic scholarships to applicants who are currently in Ireland in Direct Provision either as asylum seekers or refugees.

Performance Sport Scholarships – supports athletes who have the talent and dedication to combine an academic course with excellence in sport.

Details of all DCU Scholarships and Award Schemes can be found here.


Mary Immaculate College

Students interested in a career in primary or secondary level teaching, in media or psychology, in early years education or theatre, among other options, now have the opportunity to avail of a new scholarship opportunity at MIC.

Commencing in September 2017, MIC will offer a total of 50 entrance scholarships to incoming undergraduate first year students across all nine undergraduate programmes currently on offer by the College. The scholarships are valued at €2,000 each and will be offered on the basis of results obtained in the Leaving Certificate Examinations. Details are available here.


NUI Galway

As well as the Elite Sports Scholarships, which have a closing date of 31st July annually, NUIG provides the following scholarships for first year registered students:

  • Excellence Scholarships awarded to students with the highest Leaving Certificate points each year (with the exception of medical students). The value of each scholarship is €1,500.
  • Creative Arts Performance Points – Special performance points for students who show exceptional artistic promise and achievement under six areas of excellence in the creative arts field. These areas are Creative Writing, Digital Arts and Media, Drama and Theatre, Film, Music and Non-fiction writing, including Journalism. Successful applicants will gain a bonus of 40 points when applying for entry to all NUI Galway undergraduate courses (with the exception of GY501, Medicine).
  • NUI Galway and the newly established St Nicholas Schola Cantorum are offering choral scholarships to up to 20 specially chosen students who will form a highly trained choral ensemble under the direction of Mark Duley, organist of St Nicholas, director of St Nicholas Schola Cantorum and one of Ireland’s most respected choral directors.

Mature Student Scholarships – Value of €1,500 each for the first year of the degree programme:

(a) Fifteen scholarships will be awarded in order of merit and will be allocated as follows:

  • 5 scholarships to students presenting a Mature Student Admissions Pathway (MSAP) score
  • 2 scholarships to students entering Nursing and Midwifery Programmes presenting a Nursing Career Centre (NCC) score
  • 8 scholarships to students entering an undergraduate degree programme on the basis of their Leaving Certificate results.

(b) Fifteen scholarships will be awarded in order of merit to students presenting NUI Galway Access or Foundation Programme results obtained in the year of entry. These will be allocated evenly across the relevant programme offerings.

Financial Aid Fund – Financial Disadvantage Scholarship Bursary. All Scholarships are awarded in mid-October each year, when all students have registered.

Inclusive Centenaries Scholarship Scheme – To mark Ireland’s Decade of Centenaries and celebrate the diversity of Irish society in 2016, NUI Galway announced a new, merit-based Inclusive Centenaries Scholarship Scheme in June 2016. It aims to assist high-achieving, second-level school leavers from Ireland’s newest communities to pursue their third-level educational goals at NUI Galway, to realise their full potential, and to contribute to shaping Ireland of today and tomorrow. More

Full Details of all NUI Galway Scholarships are available here


NUI Maynooth

NUIM offers a number of scholarships:

  • Entrance Scholarships – €1,000 is awarded to each first-year student who achieves a minimum of 550 points or more in the Leaving Certificate. Students with 525 – 545 points receive an award of €500. Details available here
  • Undergraduate Scholarship for Students with Disabilities – One scholarship of €2,000 for a student with a significant disability who is experiencing financial difficulties. Details available here
  • Music Scholarship – One undergraduate music scholarship of €2,000 annually. Details available here
  • Intel Women in Technology Scholarship – valued at €3,000 for students accepted for relevant Computer Science / Technology / Engineering courses. Details available here
  • Michael Osborne Equine Business Scholarships – a number of scholarships are awarded annually which are jointly sponsored by NUI Maynooth and Horse Racing Ireland. The scholarships are tenable for three-year courses and are awarded to students taking the Equine Business Degree Programme MH405 on the basis of the Leaving Certificate performance (with the exception of one put aside for mature students). Details available here

Sports Scholarships at NUIM include:

  • GAA Sports awards scholarships to talented individuals in Gaelic games. The scholarships are sponsored by MBNA/Bank of America and the Leinster GAA council. Applicants are required to demonstrate a high level of performance in one of the following sports: hurling, Gaelic football, camogie, or ladies’ football.
  • Rugby scholarships are awarded to players of outstanding ability. The scholarships work as a contract signing the successful scholars to Barnhall RFC firsts as well as a commitment to NUI Maynooth for games and training.
  • Soccer Scholarships – are intended for student athletes with proven or perceived potential to perform at a high level. Application is open to all regardless of which school or club you are currently play for.
  • Golf scholarships offer a structured golf programme. Applicants should hold a handicap of scratch or better for men and 2 or better for women, and should apply to NUI Maynooth through the CAO.
  • NUI Maynooth offers the only snooker scholarship in the world. Co-funded by NUI Maynooth Snooker Club and Republic of Ireland Billiards and Snooker Association (RIBSA), it provides successful candidates with professional coaching and a bursary.

Details of all NUI Maynooth Undergraduate Scholarships are available here.


Royal College of Surgeons Ireland – RCSI

RCSI is committed to widening access to its undergraduate health science courses and to the creation of a socially inclusive learning environment for all. RCSI offers reduced points places and extra college supports to students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and students with disabilities.

  • RCSI Aim High Medicine Scholarship – awarded to a school leaver who excels academically, is passionate about medicine as their career choice and who would otherwise be unable to attend third level education due to social disadvantage or financial constraints. Full details are available here.
  • RCSI Kiran Pathak Pharmacy Scholarship – offers a student who has the desire, ability and commitment to study Pharmacy but through social and economic obstacles may be otherwise unable to progress to third level education, the opportunity to study in the School of Pharmacy. Full details are available here.
  • ConsilioManuque Medicine Scholarship – The purpose of the ConsilioManuque Medicine scholarship is to foster academic excellence and is awarded to the student with the highest combined Irish Leaving Certificate and HPAT score, entering the RCSI Undergraduate Medicine programme. Full details are available here.
  • International Pharmacy Scholarship – RCSI has introduced a number of International Pharmacy Scholarships for Malaysian citizens who successfully apply to the College’s five-year Pharmacy (MPharm) programme. Full details are available here.
  • Traveller Community Access Programme Scholarship – RCSI’s Traveller Community Access Programme (TCAP) Scholarship aims to increase the participation of members from the Traveller Community* in the College’s Undergraduate Medicine, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy programmes. Full details are available here.


Trinity College Dublin – TCD

TCD offer several scholarships and awards for incoming students:

  • Sporting scholarships – A limited number of Sporting Scholarships are offered to full time students who are accepted into Trinity College. Applicants should have outstanding ability in a particular sport, and desire to represent the University in their sport. There are no points concessions made. Full details are available here.
  • Entrance Exhibition Awards – Entrance awards for Junior Freshman (new entrants) are available on the basis of Leaving Certificate Points. NoteTCD altered the criteria for the award to incoming first-year students. The 25 bonus points earned from Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths are no longer counted in the 560 points required for the scholarship, and the sum of the prize reduced from €300 to €150. The value of the Entrance Exhibition is also under review – click here for details. The Reid Entrance Exhibition is perhaps the most valuable exhibition. Tenable for two years, exhibitioners have their evening Meal (Commons) free, are supplied with a laptop and receive a salary of €6,000 per annum (the €6,000 award includes any applicable fee payments). During the Senior Freshman year exhibitioners normally compete for foundation scholarships (Schols). Those who fail to obtain such scholarships, but are deemed to have shown sufficient merit (second class (first division)), may have their exhibitions extended for two further years.
  • Sizarships – Sizars are Entrance Exhibitioners of limited means who have Commons (evening meal) free of charge.

TCD also offers various scholarships for music students, among them organ and chapel choir scholarships.

Details of all Prizes and Other Awards at TCD are available here.


University College Cork – UCC

Scholarships and prizes at UCC include:

Entrance Scholarships

  • BT Young Scientist and Technology First Year Scholarship – value of the student contribution and capitation fee
  • AN CohmaltasCeoltóiríÉireann Scholarships – Two scholarships of €381 each are awarded annually to Irish traditional musicians who wish to study music in the first year of the BA (Hons) or BMus (Hons) Degree
  • GAA (Munster Council) Sports Busaries – Bursaries to the value of €750 will be awarded each year to persons (a) who have reached a very high level of performance in their sporting event (b) who will be attending UCC.
  • Kelliher Scholarships – award for candidates (born in, or with parents from Cork or Limerick) who attain Entrance Scholarships standard in the Leaving Certificate Examination. Recipients who are also holders of Higher Education Grants will receive a Scholarship of €1,710 subject to the rules relating to the renewal of the Scholarship.
  • Sancturary Scholarships 2019: Asylum Seeker and refugee students make an important contribution to Irish society. To recognise this, UCC in partnership with the Tomar Trust are providing Santuary Scholarships with bursaries for entry in September 2019. This means no fees, and support with study costs. Find out more here.

Full details of all of the above UCC awards are available here.

UCC Music Scholarships

  • The Brian O’Donovan Music Prize – A collaboration between Boston College and University College Cork, this is a yearly scholarship affording a deserving Music student from UCC the opportunity to participate in the Gaelic Roots Festival and Summer School of Traditional Music. The Brian O’Donovan Music Prize offers the recipient an award equivalent to about €1,270. It includes return airfare to Boston, and accommodation and registration fees at Gaelic Roots, a music, song and dance summer school held in Boston. Full details are available here.

Quercus Talented Students’ Programme – seeks motivated students who can demonstrate high intellectual achievement, yet want to challenge themselves further by undertaking a university degree programme. To this end, UCC offers three types of Quercus Academic Scholarships, worth up to €10,000 a year, for both prospective and current students:

  • Quercus Entrance Scholars – Award of €2,000 to approximately 60 students selected on the basis of their performance in the Leaving Certificate or EU equivalent. In any one year, up to 15 scholarships will be awarded in relation to any one of the Colleges as follows: Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences; Business and Law; Medicine and Health; Science, Engineering and Food Science. There is no need to apply for this Scholarship as successful students will be notified automatically.
  • Quercus College Scholars – Approximately 125 undergraduate students awarded scholarships at College level will be selected to participate in the Quercus programme. Scholars will be selected on the basis of the results of their University exams in the year immediately preceding the year in which the Scholarship is awarded.
  • Quercus University Scholar – Up to 10 Quercus University Scholarships will be awarded every year. This strand is targeted at students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. To be eligible for consideration, currently registered students will be invited to make an application by the relevant Colleges in University College Cork based on their previous academic results. Shortlisted applicants may be called for interview.
  • Quercus Sports Scholars – The programme facilitates 5 elite athletes as well as the academic scholars across the categories. Awards range in value from €500 to €2,000.

Full details of the Quercus programme are available here.

UCC also offers an essay prize through the School of History and the Matilda Ryan Scholarship to students studying French.

UCC School of Engineering

  • Dr Elmer Morrissey Memorial Scholarship – Annual engineering scholarship in the memory of Dr Elmer Morrissey, who died tragically in 2012. The Friends of Elmer Morrissey have established a fund to provide engineering students at UCC with the opportunity to apply for an annual scholarship worth €1,500. The scholarship will help with their course fees and living expenses, enabling them to have the kind of fulfilling college experience that Elmer enjoyed. The first scholarship was awarded in February 2015. Details here.

Special Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes are also available at UCC – details are available here.

Full details of all scholarship and award schemes at UCC are available here.


University College Dublin – UCD

UCD awards a wide range of scholarships every year. Some are based on academic achievement, others acknowledge sporting or artistic talent, and some are also used specifically to encourage students who may not otherwise attend university. Scholarships offered include:

  • UCD Sports Scholarships are awarded to applicants of outstanding sporting ability. The aim of the UCD Sports Scholarship programme is to give talented young people the opportunity of developing their sporting career by offering the highest standards in coaching, training, nutrition, strength and conditioning advice, while also completing their chosen course of study.  The value of each scholarship is assessed on an individual basis and may be used to off-set costs such as accommodation, books, fees and travel to competitions etc. Details are available here.
  • UCD Ad Astra Academy – is an initiative designed to recognise and nurture exceptional students in academia, sports, and the performing arts, by offering them unique supports and opportunities. The students benefit from a scholarship mentoring programme and a range of tailored supports.  Details are available here.
Note: New application process for UCD Ad Astra Academic Scholarships  See details.
  • UCD Entrance Scholars are first-year students who attain at least 560 points in the Leaving Certificate. Details are available here
  • UCD School of English, Drama and Film Scoil an Bhéarla, naDrámaíochtaagusnaScannánaíochta UCD – Maeve Binchy Travel Award commemorates Maeve Binchy, her love of travel and her world-celebrated creative writing. The Award, worth €4,000, is open to a student (undergraduate or postgraduate) currently enrolled in UCD’s College of Arts & Celtic Studies. The successful student will use the Award to fund a travel opportunity that will enhance her/his creative writing.

Irish Language

  • BordnaGaeilge UCD Scholarship – Teach naGaeilge  – UCD’s mini Gaeltacht first established in 2000. Students from various subject areas have the opportunity to live and work together as Gaeilge, while further developing their individual talents through a range of social and cultural activities. BordnaGaeilge offers scholarships to 24 students who are fluent Irish speakers and who have the desire and ability to initiate projects which promote the use of the language.
    • Open to fluent Irish speakers pursuing all UCD courses
    • Successful candidates will reside in ‘Teach naGaeilge’ in the Merville Student Residences, located minutes from the University’s lecture theatres, libraries, computer and sports facilities
    • Successful candidates will play an active role in student activities and will receive a monthly scholarship, on completion of the scheme’s requirements
    • Application forms will be available on in early March
    • Candidates are chosen on the basis of application form and interview

Performing Arts

  • UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholars – offers opportunities to students who excel in music or drama and who wish to develop their performance talents while pursuing a degree in UCD.
  • UCD Choral Scholars –scholarships are awarded  each year to musically-gifted applicants.
  • UCD Symphony Orchestra Scholars –scholarships are awarded each year to talented students in key positions within the orchestra.
  • UCD Irish Dance Scholars – directed by Jean Butler. This scholarship allows talented Irish dancers to receive a financial bursary and programme credits while also getting to perform at professional engagements. Read more here.

Details of UCD Performing Arts Scholarships are available here.

Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students are also available at UCD – Details are available here.

Information link for all UCD Scholarships and Awards is available here.


University of Limerick – UL

The following scholarships and awards are available to entrants to UL

Edith and Leslie Downer Entrance Scholarship – a scholarship, tenable for one year, is awarded to the best student entering one of the following programmes:

  • BSc Nursing (General)
  • BSc Nursing (Mental Health)
  • BSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability)

The award is tenable for one year and is valued at €1,000.

  • Graduate Entry Medical School Scholarship Scheme – provides financial assistance to socio-economically disadvantaged students applying for the Graduate Entry Medical Programme. Applicants must have previously entered third level education via a recognised Access route or be deemed to be eligible for consideration by virtue of socio-economic disadvantage. The scholarship aims to cover tuition fees plus a modest contribution towards living expenses: Click here for details
  • The Marie Duffy Award – Established in June 2011 to provide financial assistance and support to aspiring dancers, musicians and choreographers so they may fulfill their dreams in the world of Irish Dance. An annual award to final year dance students of the BA Irish Music and Dance to the value of €1000.
  • PWC Prize – PwC will award a medal and a monetary prize to the top three students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement in the first year ‘Principles of Accounting’ module – total value: €1,500.
  • Women in Engineering Bursary Awards – First year female students registered for Bachelor of Engineering degree programmes at UL. Up to eight bursaries, valued at €500 each and available for one year, are awarded based on points achieved in the Leaving Certificate.

Full details of these and all UL Awards including the Grant Thornton Award, Kemmy Business School/Northern Trust Outstanding Student Award and the Louise Newman Prize are available here.

Sports Scholarships  – UL also provides a wide number of sports scholarships including:

  • Paddy Dooley Rowing Club Scholarships – awarded to rowers of exceptional ability –  €2,500 annually – open to undergraduate students from all years. Applications close 1st November each year.
  • Munster GAA Scholarships – Munster Council of GAA and the University of Limerick award 13 new bursaries each year valued at €750, to students from Munster, registered for bachelor degrees at UL.
  • The Bank of Ireland GAA High Performance Scholarship – The scholarship scheme is open to all current UL Students or those applying to come to UL for the first time either through the CAO or transferring at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Awardees receive financial assistance in the form of a scholarship payment. Read more here
  • The Michael Hillery and Jacinta O’Brien Athletics Scholarship – This Athletics scholarship, honouring the memory of Michael Hillery and Jacinta O’Brien, deceased members of the UL community is estimated as equivalent in value of €7,000. Range of benefits included. Details available here.
  • Stuart Mangan Scholarship – The Stuart Mangan scholarship has been established to honour the life and memory of this young athlete by making it possible for those who suffered paralysis while competing in sport to participate in educational programmes at the University of Limerick for periods of up to four years. The purpose of Scholarship is to focus on candidates who may lack the financial resources to attend university and for whom the lack of such resources represents an apparently insurmountable obstacle. The scholarship will provide funding grants of up to €25,000 per annum to address the obstacles which may be preventing a paralysed sportsperson from fulfilling their educational potential. Application forms and further information is available from the Disability Support Services Office
  • The Plassey Campus Centre Scholarship – Plassey Campus Centre provides the following undergraduate on campus accommodation scholarships each year:

2 Access Scholarships – contact the Access Office on 061 213104
2 Sports Scholarship – contact the Physical Education & Sports Sciences Department on 061 202896

Click here  to view scholarships.

Note: Admission to the relevant programme must be achieved by the awardee in the conventional manner with full compliance with the University of Limerick’s academic admission standards.

Details of these and the many other scholarships and awards at UL across all years, are outlined here.



Many of the Institutes of Technology around the country also offer scholarship opportunities:

Athlone IT

  • Athlone IT operates a Sports Scholarship Scheme for students who have reached, or have the potential to reach, a very high standard of performance in their chosen sport. Click here for details.


Blanchardstown IT

  • The REACH programme is an admissions scheme which offers places on ITB’s courses on reduced points, to school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Details of the ITB REACH Access Programme are available here.


Cork IT

  • DePuy Synthes Mechanical Engineering Scholarship – The School of Mechanical, Electrical & Process Engineering has this year announced the inaugural DePuy Synthes Mechanical Engineering Scholarship. Application is open to any student who has applied through the CAO to study the Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering (CR108) at CIT. Click here for details.


Dundalk IT

  • DKIT offer a number of Sports Scholarships for persons of outstanding sporting ability. Click here for details.


Dublin IT

  • DIT provides sports scholarships to candidates demonstrating outstanding sporting ability and who have the potential to combine an academic course with excellence in sport. Gaeltacht and Languages Scholarships may also be available. Click here for details.


Galway-Mayo IT

  • GMIT provides sports, entrance and academic scholarships, some to students with the highest Leaving Certificate points. Click here for details.


IT Tralee

  • IT Tralee offers a number of annual scholarship programmes. Click here for full details of IT Tralee Scholarships


IT Carlow

  • High Performance Entry Scheme – Under the HPE Scheme, IT Carlow offers up to 50 extra performance points for students who have achieved a minimum of 250 CAO Points in their Leaving Certificate or FETAC Level 5 award (CAS) and who meet minimum entry requirements of the programme for which they have applied. A total of 12 places will be offered with up to 4 places in each category of Sport, Active Citizenship and Innovation/Entrepreneurship. The Institute intends to add a new category for Creative and Performing Arts in future academic sessions. Click here for details


IT Sligo

  • IT Sligo offers sports scholarships to students of outstanding sporting ability. Click here for details


IT Blanchardstown

  • ITB offers sports scholarships to students demonstrating outstanding sporting ability and potential. Click here for details


Letterkenny IT

  • LYIT offers sports scholarships to students demonstrating outstanding sporting ability and potential. Click here for details


Limerick IT

  • The LIT Student Scholarship Programme is targeted at students in DEIS schools. It is an initiative of the LIT Foundation, under the guidance of its Thought Leadership and Advisory Team. Click here for details.


Waterford IT

  • WIT provides a number of sports scholarships. It is a condition of all scholarships that all recipients play an active role in the WIT sports club for which they receive the scholarship.

Click here for details of all scholarships at Waterford IT


Irish Tax Institute Scholarship 

Have you got students who are interested in tax as a career? Are they sitting their Leaving Cert in June 2019? Then check out this scholarship! Expressions of interest must be made by 8 March 2019, and the closing date is 12 April 2019. For more information, view the brochure

Scholarships include financial support for third-level living expenses and costs, a place on the prestigious Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) programme after your degree, and mentoring and support from the Irish Tax Institute.



Several scholarship and bursary schemes operate through the Department of Education and Skills. These include the following:


Third Level Bursary Scheme (DEIS)

A scheme of bursaries for students from DEIS schools, based on Leaving Certificate examination results.

Applications are not needed for these bursaries as they are awarded on a regional basis (Dublin, rest of Leinster, Munster and Connaught/Ulster) based on Leaving Certificate results.

Further information is available here including:

  • Third Level Bursary Scheme – Information Flier
  • Bursary Scheme application details


Ernest Walton STEM Bursary – DEIS /STEM

For the 2018/19 academic year at least eight bursaries are being made available through this scheme, on a similar basis to the Third Level Bursary Scheme are aimed at students attending a DEIS school, who intend completing a third level course in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field.

Applications are necessary for the Ernest Walton (STEM) bursary – details are availble here for:

  • Annual Bursary Scheme
  • Ernest Walton STEM Bursary – Information Flier
  • Ernest Walton STEM Bursary – Application Form

The closing date for receipt of these applications is 5pm on Friday, 27 July 2018.


All Ireland Scholarship Scheme

The All Ireland Scholarship Scheme is administered by the Department of Education & Skills and funded by J.P. McManus. No applications are necessary for the All Ireland Scholarships as they are awarded based on the Leaving Certificate exam results.  They are available to first-time Leaving Certificate students who have been exempt from paying the Leaving Certificate exam fee and who have attended non-fee paying post primary schools.

For further information see the All Ireland Scholarship website.

The All Ireland Scholarship Scheme will provide third-level education scholarships to 125 top-performing Leaving Certificate students from disadvantaged backgrounds each year.


Republic of Ireland Applicants:

There is no application process in the Republic of Ireland. You must however fit the following criteria:

  • You must attend a non-fee paying secondary school
  • You must be exempt from paying the Leaving Certificate Fee. Exemption from payment of the Leaving Certificate fee must have been communicated to the State Examinations Commission before the issue of the Leaving Certificate results. The completion of the form for exemption from the Leaving Certificate Fee automatically communicates your eligibility to the Department of Education and Skills via the State Examinations Commission
  • You must be doing the Leaving Certificate for the first time
  • You must not be the holder of another scholarship as outlined in further detail on the Department of Education and Skills website

Details here. Download PDF here.


Useful links for student funding information
Student Finance – provides specific details of grants and other available financial supports for students. CLICK HERE

The EU Funding Guide – this is an initiative of the European Commission. It gives details of more than 12,000 scholarships, grants, loans and other funding options available in European third-level institutions (including Ireland), which are worth an estimated €27 billion.

However, more than two-thirds of students in Europe never even think to apply for any type of scholarship. In Ireland, there are over 300 scholarships and bursaries available in colleges across the country, with wide and varied eligibility criteria. Many have a focus on academic ability, but for those who have talents in sport, business, languages or artistic fields, there are many opportunities too.

 CLICK HERE to visit the European Funding Guide Website.