Study Skills

Changing how you study is not easy. Old habits die hard. Any new skill or technique must be practiced and perfected until it becomes an automatic and natural part of your approach to study.

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The suggestion/ideas in this material may seem common sense. If you make only just one or two changes to your study behaviour and repeat the new method/technique night after night, week after week, term after term the difference then becomes great.

Take the study skills test. You can then print your results and print your areas of improvement.

Tips for Exam Preparation

  1. Get organised:

Organise your subjects.

Have all the materials you need ready and accessible.

Don’t lose time looking for your red pen or new copy book – it will frustrate you and by the time you are all set to get going you’ve lost half an hour and are now in a bad mood!!

Develop a system that works for you, so that you can find what you need when you need it!

2. Plan Your Time;

Things can take longer than you think – plan in breaks.

Use wall charts to map out your study & homework timetables!

3. Create the Right Study Environment:

A tidy environment will ease your mind.

Avoid background ‘noise’ that will add to your anxiety.

4. Attend all Your Classes;

Avoid the temptation as exams loom to skip classes in favour of study.

If you already have poor study technique, this will only reinforce it and add to feelings of isolation.

5. Get Clever with Your Study:

Are you familiar with exam paper layouts and marking schemes?

Get practising! You can download exam marking systems from or buy them.


If you haven’t got them already, don’t delay, get them today. As your revision work, look over past exam papers and answer questions or subject areas covered in class, time yourself and correct your answers.

6. Stay Connected with friends and family

  1. Take Regular Guilt-Free Breaks:

Leave the books at home when you are ‘off’.


  1. Nourish Yourself:
  2. Eat a Balanced Diet

–      get your 5 a day! Avoid fatty foods, excessive amounts of sweets, and chocolate, fizzy drinks. Always have breakfast!

  1. SLEEP!

–      Make sure you are getting your eight hours! Ideally be in bed before 11pm!

  1. Take a Fish Oil Supplementto help improve concentration or multi-vitaminto boost your immune system
  2. Monitor Caffeineintake

–      – no more than 1 of coffee/tea cups per day. Caffeine makes you jittery!

  1. Drink lots of Water – min 8 glasses per day
  2. Take regular Exercise & Relaxation– Exam Buster is a great Stress Reliever!


If you are feeling stressed TALK to Somebody!